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Marketing firms, to determine which goods or services to attract the attention of customers and sales, is the process of identifying strategies for communication and business administration enhancements. Marketing process is an integrated process of creating value for customers through the companies that are building strong customer relationships and to grab that value from customers in return.
Marketing, society and the impact of individual socio-psychological structure of benefiting from the related disciplines and trying to learn their actual attitudes and behaviors of goods and services benefiting from the method used to reach consumers to consumers' wants and needs is an activity that the absence of appropriate marketing practices. Also marketing, local shows interest in the factors that play a role in the interconnection of regional and national markets ...
based on the concept of marketing change process (process) it poses. By definition, marketing "an exchange between two or more parties / exchange is a process" as described. Marketing purpose of değerlendirilebilir.b Search-surface as a function of marketing activities as a call-to-surface function among consumers with producers as shown in the figure below consumers' needs and wishes of appropriate goods and services, is delivered to consumers at an affordable price at the desired time and place. However, marketing context, certain conditions must be present for the realization of the transient event. Accordingly, in order to talk about a change in the marketing context, people have a certain ability to pay, in expectation of a benefit with their own free will (the market) is required to enter the exchange of goods or services with other people. In case of actual or under pressure may suggest that one party to the other party does not have anything that indicates a value will not be able to talk about the process of change.
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